About Us

                 Why should you choose our  funeral home to help you?

Most of us do not like to talk about death, especially the death of someone we love. When death occurs and the world seems suddenly insecure, it is

comforting to know that you can call Vander May Funeral Home—a reassuring link between the

generations of your family.
If you already know us and our reputation, then we thank you for your confidence in us. If you do not know us, then a few words of introduction are in order. 
We are professional, family-oriented funeral directors who care for your special person with
sensitivity and respect. This is especially evident
in the kindness and understanding of our experienced directors.

At Vander May Funeral Home, we provide families with the best possible care and guidance. We are always attentive to your wishes and the

choices that are important to you. 


                   Quite simply, we’re people you can depend on